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Truust is the first all-in-one digital payment platform for marketplaces, e-commerce, crowdfunding, and crowdlending platforms.

We offer a variety of functionalities that facilitate the handling of online transactions.

With Truust you can create any type of payment flow and distribute the funds (Split Payments) in the way you want, applying fixed commissions or according to percentage.

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Your clients will be able to pay directly in your website or online platform. Rapidly enable payments processing for businesses and individuals.

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The API request can be done from any application. Your clients will be able to pay through our system without leaving your ecosystem.

How to integrate with Truust?

For your Business

  • Sandbox for unlimited tests for free.
  • Specific dashboard.
  • Documentation for developers.
  • IT and support team available to facilitate the integration.

For your Customers

  • Intuitive payments flows.
  • Maximum security for the information.
  • Guaranteed protection of personal data.

Want to learn more about getting started? Read our reference docs

API Integration

If you need an extensive integration and apply your own rules, you can access our services via API. Check the Developers section in our documentation to learn about our available endpoints.

Our technical team is here to help. If you are a company with more complex technical needs, contact us.

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