Payment Systems for Social Commerce

Turn your Social Networks into sales channels.

Social Commerce is the use of social platforms in the virtual sales process. It is a new and powerful integration of new technologies in electronic commerce, whose purpose is to provide more information and advice on a product and/or service. In addition, it is also possible to integrate payment systems that allow selling on social networks.

In relation to this last service, at truust we are leading providers in the field of intelligent payment services. We specialize in creating fast, simple and secure payment processes that can be adapted to social networks.

What is the payment systems service for Social Commerce?

We know that, as a brand, you are always looking for a way to increase your sales. truust offers you a solution that allows you to sell on social networks. All you have to do is create the link, publish it together with the photo of the product offered and, ready, your users will have instant access to a very simple payment system.

Best of all, you can generate links for single use, for multiple uses or even expire. You can do all this in less than a minute, and send the link to your users safely. It’s a way for your brand to position itself above the rest, increasing its competitive advantages in the corresponding industry.

We are a flexible, easy, fast and secure solution!

Benefits of selling on social platforms

With the abysmal competition that has been unleashed in the market, finding a way to add value to your brand has become fundamental. Above all, as far as customer service is concerned, the better it is, the better the results it will bring to your company.

That’s why having payment systems that allow you to sell on social networks gives you multiple advantages. For example:

  • Greater visibility for your brand
  • Optimization of online reputation
  • A higher level of web traffic
  • More sales

Greater visibility for your brand

Until mid-2018, 25.5 million Spaniards used social platforms, representing 85% of the Internet population aged between 16 and 65. This suggests that offering virtual shopping systems in your social channels increases the reach and visibility of your company in the digital environment.

Optimizing Online Reputation

Considering that social e-commerce gives you access to a larger number of potential users, in the same way, it is an excellent strategy to enhance the reputation of your business.

A higher level of web traffic

For many companies, social networks represent a window that gives access to their official website. So implementing payment systems on social platforms is also a way to encourage the user to learn more about your virtual store directly on the official website.

More sales

The main benefit you get is a higher level of sales. You place your value proposition within the reach of your users, increasing the possibility that they will have access to the purchase of the product and/or service offered.

Truust offers you simple, fast and secure payment systems for Social Commerce. contact us, we help you personalize your virtual payment process in social networks!