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Start receiving payments by link.

The lack of time in our daily lives has become common in many people. Making transfers, making income, paying in cash has become a tedious task. By means of Pay By Link we have managed to simplify this process, offering a wide list of advantages in its use.

With the passing of time, the pace of society has progressively evolved, adapting to the new demands that are coming to light. A sector in which these changes are increasingly palpable is the electronic market. Only in Spain 10% of consumers make several purchases in the same week through an online store. It is now when we have to realize the importance of online payment.

How does Pay By Link work?

When we talk about Payment Links we mean a method of payment that greatly simplifies the sending and receiving of an economic amount to pay for a service or buying a product.

As its name suggests, it consists of sharing a link through the social network that best suits your needs – whether Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, mail or WhatsApp among others – and is valid for any model of mobile phone -Android or iPhone-.

Simplify any type of payment with a simple link

The convenience is mainly reflected in the fact that the user does not have to download any application. Just receiving the link generated by the seller is more than enough. When you click continue to complete the payment, it will take you to a specific link of the platform where you must indicate the amount to pay and send.

Well-known platforms already promote this type of payment methods. Both the seller and the buyer are guaranteed total security in the transaction, because there is no obligation to show the account number, phone … The only information that is publicly displayed is the representative image, whether it is the logo or profile picture, depends on whether it is a company or individual respectively, and the name associated with the link.

However, it is important to bear in mind that, as for any other transaction through these platforms, the amount received will be reduced by a commission. However, both the registration in the platform and the creation of the link are completely free. There is no charge until you sell.

When is its use recommended?

Luckily for everyone, Pay By Link is not a method that is limited to any specific case, in fact it is quite the opposite. There are many freelancers who use it to educate their clients in the simplest way possible. This is to facilitate the payment process to avoid delays and other unnecessary problems. It is also used by those companies that are based on their social networks, that is, as they have neither a physical store nor an online store, they gather their movements on Facebook or Instagram for example. Another example would be the tourism sector since it allows a quick reservation of the activities offered.

Forget about “fighting” your client to pay on time. The solution is easy, use Pay By Link. In short, it’s about making the payment process identify itself as something quick and simple.

We’re talking about more than just an agile payment method for all kinds of companies and the self-employed. Create your own link to share an invoice, make a pot for a common gift, return the money you owe your friend… It is not only applicable to companies and freelancers.

Pay By Link, comfort for everyone

The steps to follow are simple, you do not have much difficulty. Basically, we are talking about four key points. We start by creating a personalized link, through it, you will achieve that the user who is going to make the payment can quickly identify your brand and/or product. Create a simple link and accompany it with your photograph or logo so that either your client or your friend can identify you with total security.

Once finished, share it with whoever through the channel you consider appropriate. Do you get help from social networks to carry out your work? Use Facebook. Are you more of communicating through conventional means? Do you maintain a closer relationship with your client? WhatsApp is perfect.

At the moment the user receives this new link, platforms that use this payment method usually give them an approximate time between 15 and 30 days to complete the process.

Once this last point is completed, the other party instantly receives the money in their account.

But then… what process do I have to follow to send money?

It’s easy, don’t worry. Access the link sent to you or write it directly in the browser of your computer, tablet or phone and indicate the amount of money you are going to pay. Although the options depend directly on the platform, you can choose between several. Go to your bank account, send by card, use your PayPal account and even cash at authorized payment points. Simple, don’t you think?

The 5 key benefits of using Pay By Link

1- Simplifies the payment process

What is sought is to give more facilities to the user, which in the same way for your business, represents another opportunity to close sales more effectively and quickly.

2- Offer a more updated view of your business

Show your client that you are up to date with what technology dictates. Generate a sense of tranquility to your customer, what you are getting is loyalty to your target.

3- The payment process is more real-time than ever.

Pay faster. Indicate in the link the amount of money to pay and share it through the social network. On many platforms such as PayPal, the purchase will be instantly registered.

4- Safety and comfort first and foremost

Ensures a totally secure and intuitive payment process that leaves no doubts for any user.

5- Works at an international level

It’s perfect for receiving or sending money in another currency. Whether for an acquaintance or to pay for any contracted service, the person who receives the amount can accept it and convert it, not change to another currency or refuse the payment.

Find your business motivation!

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