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Simplifying making payments and managing money flows

Fast integration.
An API that allows you to be operational in a short period of time.

Maximum flexibility.
A versatile and flexible payment solution with infinite possibilities.

Simplifies transactions between one or more players.

The easiest way to collect, manage and control transactions on your platform.

truust, the solid response to complex realities

SaaS platform to optimize the management of payment flows and accelerate the growth of digital business in corporations

Payment methods

Digital Wallets

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Custom Checkout

Want to know how to build your own payment solution?

Solve the challenges of digital business

Permanent innovation of business models

Speed of change

Efficiently integrate multichannel sales and payments

Manage multiple simultaneous payment methods (multicurrency including crypto)

Management money flows

Complexity of the ecosystem service providers and financial partners

Comply with financial regulation

Your all-in-one payment platform


More control and better management of transactions

Design and customize the payment flows that best suit your marketplace quickly, easily and with a single integration.


Automate all processes with a single integration

A fully documented API that makes our solution one of the most flexible on the market for any type of crowdfunding platform.


Smart payments for companies of the future

truust is designed for all those who want a simplified way to manage payments, creating unique experiences and promoting new business models.

Designed for developers

One API. Infinite possibilities.

Set up your own payment flow on any type of platform. Use our API to create e-wallets and split payments on each transaction. If you have a company with complex technical needs, contact us.

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  • Ability to manage complexity in payment flows
  • Adaptability to multiple business models
  • Agility – time to market
  • Functional wealth translatable into value for the end customer
  • Commercial model committed to the success of our clients

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