Smart Payment Solutions for Digital Business

Now, selling in your Marketplace or E-commerce is very simple. Managing payments just got easier.

Get ready for the next payment experience. Simplify transactions between one or several players.

Truust is the leading smart payment service provider dedicated to creating a fast, simple and secure payment process for escrow payments.

Escrow Payments

We enable escrow payments in the sharing economy adding trust to your transactions and assuring that money is released only when you want. You can safely and easily buy and sell goods or services all over the world with the protection of our escrow based technology.

Split Payments

Our dashboard features seamless payment collection, disbursement and management that helps you reduce your operational costs with our automated split payments while easily tracking the flow of funds from a customer to a recipient with full records of all transactions.

Pay By Link

Pay by link is useful for all kinds of businesses. Simply create and send payment links to your customer in seconds and securely. An accountant sending e-invoices, an e-commerce making their social channels shoppable: the applications are endless.


Secure, fast & flexible solution

Our integrated Know Your Customer (KYC) meets the anti-money laundering checks, which lets you stay focused on your product and spend less time on compliance related tasks.

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Fast integration

Integrate our checkout solution via plugins or develop your own solution. Our technical team is here to help. If you are a company with more complex technical needs contact us.


One platform, endless possibilities

Sharing Economy

If you’re a marketplace looking for a safe & secure escrow platform, you’ve come to the right place. We offer an easy & flexible checkout that allows you to process the payment from the buyer, retain the money and release the funds when you’re ready. You can also benefit from our Split payments feature that will allow you to charge your commission and pay any providers such as shipping or insurance if needed.

Social Commerce

As an ecommerce you are constantly looking for ways to increase sales. Marketpay checkout offers you a solution that allows you to make your social channels shoppable. Simply create the link, post it along with a photo of your product and you’re all set! Creating a paybylink has never been easier. You can generate links for one use, several uses or even set them to expire – and you can do all this in less than a minute!


Ecommerce has been changing ever so quickly and we adapt to the velocity of this revolution. Our dropship clients love our platform because they integrate in a matter of minutes with the flexibility to payout automatically or manually to sales agents, service providers, vendors and even themselves! Our split payments platform give you the flexibility you need to manage your dropship ecommerce flawlessly.


Managing thousands of transactions for happy customers worldwide

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