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The Definitive Guide to Social Commerce

Why dizzy your customers by taking them from your social networks back to your website to pay for the sale? Allow them to complete the purchase without unnecessary additional steps.

How Brands are Responding to Pandemic Crisis

Our world is changing. This is nothing new or unusual. In a globalised and digitalised world, we are used to the fact that things can change very quickly. But while change today usually serves the purpose of economic or social progress, the pandemic crisis initially...

Top 7 European Fintech Payment Companies

The financial market is growing constantly and traditional payments are being replaced by FinTech innovations. Emerging Fintech companies from around the world offer unique and innovative payment methods that are more efficient than the traditional solutions that have...

Two-Sided Marketplace: the key of success

Successful platform businesses have a huge potential to grow a business very quickly thanks to the double-sided network effects and cross-side virality, adding value to all parties of the platform: the customers, the providers and the platform owner. What is a...

6 Best tools for online businesses

Whether we are talking about e-commerce, marketplaces, crowdfunding, fintech or crowdlending, there is plenty of work behind any digital business model, not only to create it but also to keep it up and running. Every online platform involves processing payments,...

Best Crowdfunding Platforms In Germany

Crowdfunding is a new type of financing to obtain the necessary funds for a project by selling an innovative product in advance. The action lasts until the time runs out or the target is reached. Crowdfunding has become a popular way of financing IT and technology...

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