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Payments Tips and Advice for Marketplaces

PSD2 White Paper

Download the PSD2 White Paper

The Payment Services Directive II or PSD2 is a European directive that will change the current regulation of banking and payments. Is your business ready for PSD2?

How to Sell on Facebook using Socialcommerce?

1. Set up Your Facebook Business Page To set up a Facebook Shop, you’ll need to create a free Facebook Page for your business. You can’t create a Facebook Shop in a personal Facebook account. The Facebook Shop feature is only available on Pages. Access Facebook with a...

What is Tokenization and how does it work?

Tokenization has become a synonym for ease, trust and security, since it is one of the best data protection strategies that can be integrated into different payment ecosystems. The benefits it brings to both sellers and consumers have made it possible for tokenization...

eCommerce Fraud: learn how to fight payments fraud

Owning an ecommerce business entails a unique set of challenges. Online businesses are quickly becoming easy targets for cyber criminals and ecommerce fraud continues to increase. Fortunately, ecommerce fraud prevention is also on the rise, with methods as...

Neo Banks: what are they and what are their advantages?

Since their first appearance a few years ago in the UK, the neo-banks are becoming increasingly important in the Fintech sector worldwide. Far from being just another trendy concept, we are facing new financial institutions that are here to stay with the main...

How to design the transaction flow in a Marketplace

The purpose of any marketplace is to enable transactions between users. Without transactions, your marketplace provides no value to anyone. That is why it is essential to pay attention to the design of the flow of transactions offered by your platform. We define a...

What is a Webhook?

Using Webhooks, you can connect all your extra requirements to the API and send information about events generated in your web environment or application. Let's take it one step at a time. What is a Webhook? In Truust, a Webhook is used to send you a notification...

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