Powerful Features for
Marketplaces & E-Commerce

Continues innovative tools providing solutions to the market’s new transactional needs.

Split Payments

The solution to managing payments to different recipients. The split is defined in the payment request.

Pay by link

Pay by link is useful for all kinds of businesses. Simply create and send payment links to your customer in seconds and securely.


We enable escrow payments adding trust to your transactions and assuring that money is released only when you want.


Ditch the traditional bank and grow with a platform that gives you the freedom to move payments however you want.


Create as many e-wallets you wish for your platform users. A limitless tool that enables its users to transfer money at any time.


Easy and fast onboarding through our accessible Dashboard to manage transactions, payments, clients, e-wallets and commissions.


Merchants accounts let you manage transactions, transfer funds, pay bills and more from our platform.

P2P Transfer

P2P transfer allows customers to transfer funds from their bank account or credit card to another individual’s account.


You can send push notifications to notify customers that you have sent them a payment order.

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