Split Payments

The Marketplace Payment Solution.

The solution to managing payments to different merchants. Payment gateways help to marketplaces get paid easily by clients but paying sellers could be a big problem for marketplace businesses. There is were Truust comes in with the Split Payment solution.

Split payments between suppliers

You charge a customer and the funds are divided between the platform and the provider.

Real-time money transfer

Split delivers real-time direct debit and direct credit solutions offering fast clearance and transparency. It’s bank transfers for the digital age.

Benefits for the user

  • Simple payment process.
  • Trust and guarantee.
  • Safe return in case of cancellation.

Added value for the business

  • Defines the amounts by percentage or fixed value.
  • Maximum transparency in payments.
  • Zero costs in case of cancellation.
  • Maximum security in the payment.
  • Accepted in SEPA Zone.