Plans & Pricing


Credit & debit cards

1,8% + 0,20€

(per transaction excl. VAT.)
Price for Visa & Mastercard



0,5% + 0,20€

(per transaction excl. VAT.)




within the SEPA zone.

Active eWallets = 0,50€ each / month

Pay-ins from international Cards (Outside Eurozone) or Commercial Cards have a different pricing:
International Cards 3,5% + 0,40€ per transaction excl. VAT / Commercial Cards 2,8% + 0,40€ per transaction excl. VAT.
We don’t accept pay-ins from the USA.

Other applicable Fees: Chargeback: 15€ per event + bank fees. Preauthorization: 0,10€ per transaction. Refund: 0,10€ per event


  • stickEscrow accounts
  • stickUnlimited transactions
  • stickCustom dashboard & environment
  • stickUnlimited users
  • stickQR / Paybylink checkout
  • stick3D Secure POS checkout
  • stickSplit payments
  • stickUnlimited eWallet
  • stickAPI
  • stickCustom Business Rules
  • stickCustom checkout
  • stickDedicated account
  • stickTrainings & workshops

Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide customer support?

All Truust plans include email support. We also provide customers with access to our online help centre, how-to documents, videos, and best practices.

Accounts with Tech Support have dedicated account management, phone and email support and implementation consultations. Custom support is only provided for Enterprise accounts.

Do you have a minimum contract?

No, you can start with the Infinite Trial plan and grow with the needs of your business.

Which countries can we transfer to?

The destination account for Pay-outs must be an IBAN from the SEPA Area with euro coins. It can be any bank within a SEPA country.

More info about SEPA >

My business is outside of the Eurozone. Can I still use your service?

We can only do pay-outs withing the Eurozone but some of the clients open European accounts in their European bank branches.

Do you offer discounts for large transaction volumes?

Yes, we do offer discounts on our prices for businesses with a large transaction volume. Contact our sales team to discuss your business situation.

Can I change plans once I’ve signed up?

Yes. Our plans are flexible so that you can move plans as necessary when your business grows and your needs evolve.

Do I have to pay extra for any feature?

No. All our features are included with the monthly fee rate. You can use any of them with your payment plan.

Is the API free?

Yes. Our API is open code and is completely free. You can register in our sandbox environment and test our API as much as you want without cost.

I’m still developing, do I have to pay now?

No. What we recommend is registering an account on truust here and also in the test environment here. Integrate and test our API until your business is live with no cost. Once you are finished you can activate your plan choosing the one fits better to your business.

Feel free to contact us if you need help.