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How Much is a Great Payment Solution Worth for your Business?

Plans & Pricing

Credit & debit cards

Price for Visa & Mastercard (per transaction excl. VAT)
We charge a fixed fee for each transaction and a commission for the amount transferred. The cost is the same for any credit card. There is no charge for unfinished transactions.

1,8% + 0,20€

Payin Bankwire

Price for Payin Bankwire (per transaction excl. VAT)
We support bankwire payments, which you can activate from your Dashboard.

0,5% + 0,20€

Pricing FAQs

Do you provide customer support?

All Truust plans include chat support. We also provide customers access to our online help center, how-to documents, videos, and best practices.

Accounts with Tech Support have dedicated account management, phone and email support and implementation consultations. Custom support is only provided for Enterprise accounts.

Do you have a minimum contract?

No, you can start with the Infinite Trial plan and grow with the needs of your business.

Which countries can we transfer to? Can it be any bank within that country?

The destination account must be an IBAN from the SEPA Area with euro coins. It can be any bank within a SEPA country.

More info about SEPA >