Escrow Payments

An escrow contract is the ideal formula for both private sellers and companies as it assures them the payment.

Escrow account for Internet shopping

Thanks to an API escrow, such as truust, payments when purchasing products from certain Marketplace can be made with an escrow account in between. This ensures that the item will be delivered correctly and that it will be charged when the buyer receives it.

  • Simplifies the payment process
  • Real-time payment
  • Maximum payment security
  • Accepted in SEPA Zone

Business Benefits

  • Save time by including a payment link directly on invoices.
  • Turn your budgets into sales in the same action.
  • Customers can pay, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Accepted in SEPA Zone


Comission of 1.8% of the total amount.

Per transaction €0.20

In case of cancellation 0€ of expenses.

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