Frequently asked questions

What is Truust?

Truust is a platform specialized in payment services for marketplaces, crowdfunding and fintech. We provide the technology that allows digital businesses to operate with escrow accounts and benefit from features such as split payments, pay by link or eWallets.

Our technology has been integrated into different projects at a European level, from large B2B and B2C marketplaces to high-volume investment platforms, real estate and leisure rental companies.

What is NOT Truust?

Truust is NOT an escrow agent and we do not offer one-shot transactions.

Who is Truust for?

Truust has been designed for marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, fintech companies, crowdlending platform and any other digital business that needs a secure escrow payment gateway.

  • For platforms connecting business or consumers (B2C, B2B, C2C, P2P).
  • For platforms connecting people and innovative projects.
  • For platforms building innovative financial services.

Who is NOT Truust for?

If you need to assure a transaction or buying/selling goods or secure any kind of service you better look for an escrow agent, we DO NOT provide this service.

Every business is checked by our compliance department to be sure that future transactions will be legit.

In which countries can Truust operate?

Truust can only operate within the SEPA area. Any payout made from Truust’s escrow accounts can only be done to Eurozone IBAN accounts.

If you are not sure if your country belongs to the SEPA countries we recommend you to read this post.

What is SEPA?

Payments can also be received from some countries outside the Eurozone but at an additional cost.

How does Truust work?

Truust’s strength lies in the integration of the API. The API is open source and is documented here.

If you have any questions you can contact our team.

However, there are two ways to interact with Truust, by integrating the API or through the dashboard without the need of integrating anything.

By integrating the API you can configure any payment flow, benefit from all the platform’s functionalities and stipulate the commissions and rules that best suit your business model. See details here of all the features.

With the dashboard, you can be up and running in minutes once your account is approved and creating real-time payment links in just 3 clicks. You just have to register here.