Welcome to the Truust Help Center

We offer a variety of products that make it easy for you to accept payments in your app or website. You’ll interact with us in two ways: with a Dashboard or with the Application Programming Interface (API).

Getting Started

How to activate your account
To start trading with Truust you must verify your account by providing your personal data, product/service data and company legal data.

Account settings (Fees & Subscription plans)
Accounts are the different groups with which you can organize your orders. Normally, an account will correspond to the business using the platform.

Account Fees Example
In each account, you can indicate a fee value that will be applied by default to your orders.

Billing information
Add your billing information in your Truust account. The only available billing methods are credit card and verified the bank account. Your credit card needs to allow for recurring payments.

Team Members
In this screen, you will be able to carry out all the operations related to the users of your account.

Managing transactions from your Dashboard

You can create orders, track transactions and manage all your business activity.


Learn how to create orders from the dashboard in a few clicks.


Keep track of your online business cash inflows and verify each and every payment.


Manage the outgoing money to your suppliers or the amounts that correspond to your business based on the commissions you have stipulated.


Group your orders to create promotions or to sell products limited by quantity or date. Each product has its own payment link.

Payment Links

Share your orders via a link, the easiest and fastest way to get paid.


Refunds is the term that explains when there is a lost dispute over a transaction and a refund must be made to the buyer.