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truust is a Marketpay platform, the platform with the technology you need to make the leap to new digital realities.

Smart payments for businesses of the future

The digital revolution has changed the rules of the game. The world’s leading companies no longer produce or sell – they connect. And there are new businesses on the horizon: multi-level, IoT, multi-provider or multi-investor.

truust has evolved hand in hand with innovative business models, providing solutions to the market’s new transactional needs. E-wallets, escrow payments, split payments, PayByLink, and Blockchain are just some of the solutions offered by our multi-function Restful API.

Businesses need a new, versatile and flexible payment solution that adapts to a rapidly changing reality.

The evolution from physical to digital to omni-channel

Customers see brands, not channels, and they want a joined-up and consistent experience. New technology is helping retailers to address these expectations so they can provide a truly omni-channel experience.

The ‘invisible’ payment experience

Just think of how Uber has revolutionized the taxi experience, effectively removing the need for passengers to physically engage in a payment transaction.

For example, a connected meter can sense when its owner is a certain distance from home and adjust the heat accordingly, providing the optimum temperature when he or she walks through the door.

The future – a truly seamless experience

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