Payment processing for crowdfunding platforms.

Support and launch businesses together with the crowd

We offer a quick and easy solution to improve the management of donations on your crowdfunding platform.

Everything you need in a single integration via API

Crowdfunding 1

Improves management of transactions

If you have a crowdfunding platform or you are thinking of creating one, you need to have a good method to save the money of the contributions and transfer it to the owner of the project once the term is over.

✓ Secure escrow accounts
✓ Limitless eWallets management
✓ Easy and integration solution
✓ Fraud prevention

Design your own payment flow

Having absolute freedom to implement a payment system that fits your platform allows you to offer the experience you want to your users.

  • ✓ Accepted in SEPA zone.
    ✓ Division of payments between different parties.
    ✓ PCI DSS level 1 certification.
    ✓ Zero downtime for your business.
Crowdfunding 2

Fully compliant and PSD2

With the application of PSD2, the aim is to offer a better service, protection and development of the system for every consumer.

  • ✓ Optimal compliance model in Europe
    ✓ Meets all PCI obligations with tokenization
    ✓ Approved by leading European regulators

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