How to generate Payouts

Payouts are the payments we make to the sellers, they are the payments that come out of the escrow account, the outflows of money.

To start generating payouts you must go to the Orders tab where you will see the paid transactions.

Each Payout is related to an Order.

note: you can not make a bulk payout from differents orders to one bank account, to do that you need the API.

Payout Orders

Payouts are related to an order. So, the first thing to do is being sure that you accepted the payment of a specific order.

To do so, just select the option Accept under the 3 dots menu that you will find in every order in Paid status.

payout orders accept

A pop up will be displayed to confirm the action, click OK. After confirming you will see a notification confirming the action.

payout orders accept confirmation

Pending Validation

You need to specify the destination bank account of the payout. From the same 3 dots menu you need to Add Bank Account of the provider to transfer the money.

Add bank account

Now, you have the choice to use an existing bank account or add a new one. Once you have added the bank account destination click Save.

A pop up will be displayed to confirm the action.

use existing bank account

A confirmation notification will be displayed on the top of the page. Be sure you have this notification to asure all data is correct.

bank account added

Next step is to validate the transaction to start the transfer process. Go to the 3 dots menu and click Validate to validate the order.

validate order

The order status will automatically change to Release Pending.

order validated

After a few minutes, the status will change to Released status, meaning that the trust CRON will transfer the money to the destination account in 24 hours.

order released

If you go to the Payouts tab, the order will appear in a light blue colour and the status will automatically change to Confirmed, this means that the money has been correctly transferred to the destination IBAN account.


Have in mind, that our CRON is programmed to do the payouts every day but depends on the destination bank the number of days the money will be transfer. Usually doesn’t take more than 2-3 days but depending on your branch can even take a week.