Become an e-commerce with no effort

An app to help small retailers sell online during the Social Distancing measures

¬†“We want to encourage small retailers to survive the current crisis and get their business online quickly and cheaply”
says Socialpay CEO Ricard Forn.

Shops, bars and restaurants are closed due to anti-coronavirus measures.

While people are now buying less overall, their demand is shifting much more from brick and mortar to the internet. Small retailers need to face this shift and accelerate their online selling capabilities.

However, competing with Amazon and other big players requires a disruptive approach, leveraging strengths such as personalized service and adapting to new sales channels offered by Social Networks.

socialcommerce mobile

Socialcommerce is helping small retailers sell online without an e-commerce site

Socialpay has launched SocialCommerce, and app that allows small retailers offer their goods for sale on social networks such as Facebook or Pinterest, or through a payment link which can be sent by e-mail, as an SMS message or through other communication networks, such as WhatsApp.

During the COVID-19 crisis we have partnered with different companies, such as CaixaBank in Spain or GlobalPayments in the UK and in Central Europe, to deploy SocialCommerce as quickly as possible. These corporations are able to reach and onboard small retailers very quickly, helping them shift to this new service and move quickly to digital sales even without an e-shop.


1. Upload the photo of the product or service you want to sell


2. Once the photo is uploaded, add the description of the product or service: characteristics, size, type of delivery, etc.


3. Congratulations! You have already created your first article, you just need to choose which of your social networks you want to publish it on.

Starting is very simple

Create your online channel with the least possible investment

1. Request the service from your CaixaBank manager.

2. Descarga la app SocialCommerce en tu smartphone y regístrate.

3. Start selling through your social networks.