Telephone Sales

Sell your products or services straight to the customer via telephone.

Close More Sales Over The Phone

Use the phone to close more sales with our payment link solution.

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An easy-to-use dashboard.

Easy and fast onboarding through our accessible dashboard to create payment links, track orders and transfers.

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Unlimited users at the same time.

Add as many members as you want to your sales team and set up different roles and permissions to each one.

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Personalized client messages.

Telephone sales agents can customize customers messages during the call to include relevant information.

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Accepted in all countries.

Accept payments from anywhere in the world integrating our solution with the major POS providers.

“Truust is very easy to manage and grow with our company and is very affordable compared to other payment services.”


Empowering Secure payments

Our payment technology securely processes any transactions for national and international companies.

Customized messages

You can easily customize the message sent to your client while speaking. Live salespeople can commitment fresh and updated marketing messages that help to improve customer relationships and increase customer retention.

Direct Sales

Forget about asking credit card details to your customers, integrating our pay by link service with your POS you can safely charge through email or SMS just sending a payment link in real-time.

Don’t miss a sale again.

Enhance sales and decrease the expense of sales, compared with the cost of a field sales group. We offer a secure payment solution for your business.

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