Capital Cell

A benchmark crowdfunding platform in Europe specialising in financing new companies in the life sciences sector.

Capital Cell is a leading European crowdfunding platform specialized in financing new companies in the life sciences sector. Its platform has financed Cebiotex,Proteos, Bionure o Vytrus, among others.

(news source: LaVanguardia)

Through Capital Cell, individual investors can participate as shareholders in the financing of startups in the health and biotechnology sectors, which are among the most profitable sectors in the world. In addition to being a commission-free crowdfunding platform, Capital Cell offers companies the tools they need to raise funds as quickly as possible in their funding rounds.

Capital Cell

The aim of the platform is not only to close the investment rounds of the companies, but also to ensure that the money contributed by the investors for the campaigns is well collected, but…

What happens to the investment if the target company is not running the campaign successfully?

Capital Cell understood that optimizing the way funds pass from one hand to another is a priority, both to ensure the success of funding campaigns, and to ensure its own survival as a crowdfunding platform.


In light of the above information, the company intends to improve the quality of its service by setting itself the following objectives:

  • Improve control of investment payments.
  • To offer maximum security in transactions.

Capital Cell studied a smart payment solution for its escrow account, which would offer them a more global, simpler and more powerful system. With it, the company would not only achieve the objectives set but would also allow them to access a wider range of investors and more distant markets by implementing omnichannel solutions in their digital business.

In this context, Truust was a perfect fit.

Truust’s payment system is designed for marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms, which allowed Capital Cell to improve the control and security of its investors’ transactions. The company keeps the investment funds in an escrow account until the amount required by the campaign is reached. At this point, the investment is transferred to the target company that will carry out the project.

Capital Cell

In this way, the escrow account guarantees that the target company will only receive the investment if the campaign is executed properly, thus ensuring that only clean money can access the funding round.


Thanks to Truust’s payment solutions for crowdfunding and crowdlending platform, Capital Cell has been able to improve the control of transactions and payments made by investor users on the platform. In addition, the crowdfunding platform now offers maximum security in its transactions, preventing fraud and complying with anti-money laundering regulations.

These significant improvements in service quality have enabled the company to raise over ten million euros by 2019, doubling the investments made the previous year.

Offering such successful financing campaigns while guaranteeing maximum control and security over transactions is something that few agents can achieve.

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