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25% increase in firm reserves

Hoteles Pyreness is an Andorran hotel chain with a presence in Andorra, France and Spain. Its main characteristic is a good service at a good price.

The objective of the hotel group is to offer a pleasant experience to its guests by providing maximum comfort in a stress-free space. Pyreness Hotels applies strict quality controls to maintain a service where the clients who stay in its facilities are the most important thing.

In recent years they have invested heavily in providing the perfect business experience for their partners and clients, but the problem arises when guests change plans at the last minute and cancel reservations.

After analyzing the behaviour of their customers they have realized that cancellations are significantly higher for paying hotel reservations at the destination than for prepaid ones, simply because the customer has not yet paid and has nothing to lose. The customer can cancel their reservation up to 24 hours before the date.

Considering that today, more than 60% of online payments are hotel reservations, improving this process meant a possible increase in business turnover. Pyreness was clear that this had to be one of their goals in improving the business.


Knowing the data described above, the hotel chain set itself the following challenges:

  • Reinforce the client’s commitment before the day of arrival at the hotel.
  • To find a solution for early payment collection that would facilitate payments.

This is where Truust fit in perfectly.

Thanks to our escrow service and the ability to create and share payment links, the chain’s hotels were able to offer a complete service without risk or cost to either party.

The system was started by testing in one of the chain’s hotels located in Arinsal, Andorra.

In a short time our API was integrated into their reservation system.

The clients, when making the reservation, received a payment link from which they made the payment of the advance, this amount was transferred to an account in guarantee that retained the amount until the day of the check-in.

Our payment system based on escrow, allows, on the one hand, that the money is kept in a secure account, and on the other hand, that in case of cancellation the hotel does not have any additional cost.

In addition to the integration of the API into their system, the hotel’s reservation management team had a control panel available from which to create payment links on the spot.

This freedom allowed them to serve their customers through any channel. If the reservation agent received a request via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, it took literally 3 minutes to create a payment link and send it to the customer.

With this integrated system, the level of effectiveness and payments for reservations increased by a high percentage.


Improving the customer experience must address all parts of the process, from the payment system to the room they are staying in.

With the help of Truust’s payment links, Pyreness Hotels has improved the number of clients making firm reservations while reducing the number of cancellations by 25%.

After evaluating the results of the first period, the objectives achieved are

  • To be more predictable in the business.
  • Accelerate and facilitate the payment process for firm bookings.
  • To offer better customer service.

To date, all the hotels of the Pyreness chain have integrated the payment system with Truust.

Disclaimer: due to privacy agreements with the client the name used to expose the case of use is fictitious.

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