The Fintech platform combining Artificial Intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things)

Orain is the application that allows you to communicate with all types of machines and make purchases from your mobile phone through a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things).

Orain has developed a new application that allows you to pay directly at vending machines: the application recognizes the machine through an integrated chip.

The aim is to achieve an interactive shopping experience, where the customer can not only buy through the mobile phone, but is also provided with information about the different products that can be purchased and their ingredients, is alerted about the allergenic components, receives personalized promotions and keeps track of the expenses generated.

Orain smart coffee

Orain currently generates more than 5,000 transactions per day. The vending machines at the Parc de Recerca UAB and companies such as Banco de Sabadell, Wallapop, Inditex and Florette are already working with its technology.

A payment solution for machines

Vending machines allow users to conveniently purchase everything from the application. In addition, the solution also has to manage all payments with all the machine’s suppliers.

Orain needed to implement a payment solution that could handle prepayments safely and effectively.

Not only benefits for the consumer

The integration of the truust API in the Orain application allows the creation of wallets for each user, where they can reload and manage all the micropayments that will go to the providers.

It is a unique solution for both payment flows.

On the one hand, the end consumer can make an easy and simple purchase from the vending machine from the application. He does not have to link the account to a credit card, he just has to recharge.

The days of looking for a change or taking out money to buy a coffee or a drink are over. On the other hand, all payments to the machine’s suppliers are settled instantly, as they can receive the money from users when they buy their products.

And not only that, Orain allows you to control the products they have in stock and the products they need to replenish at any time, and all in real time. In addition, suppliers have access to all user data, something that until now was unthinkable in the world of vending machines.

Knowing who makes the purchase, when it is made, how much is purchased or if the buyer has bought more times completely changes the business landscape of this type of service.

Suppliers can extract the buying habits and radically optimize their sales.

Fast and secure mobile payments

Goodbye to the coins. Payments or recharges by credit card are made through truust, which guarantees the security and privacy of the user’s data. The application also allows the user’s card data to be saved to speed up the process for future purchases using a complex data tokenization system.

How does the payment system work?

“For us, security comes first. That is why all the management of transactions, payments and balance of Orain is integrated with truust of Marketpay, a payment provider with a great reputation in the industry and recognized for its security system in online money transactions”.

With our technology it has been possible to create an eWallet or virtual portfolio to each user at the time of registration, both for companies and users. Every time a user completes a balance, in cash or with a credit card, it is added to their wallet. If the user makes a purchase, the amount is transferred from his wallet to the wallet of the company operating the machine. Both parties can withdraw the money from their wallets and transfer it to their current account or credit card at any time.


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