WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp for Business is the application developed for small and medium enterprises with which you can maintain a direct relationship with your customers easily.

Betting on WhatsApp Business is synonymous with betting on two of the main trends that will mark 2019. The large number of users who use instant messaging apps every day, as well as the potential of smartphones, make WhatsApp Business a business opportunity.

If you’re not familiar with this tool, you’re in the right place to get to know it. Throughout this post we review the advantages, strategies and uses you can get by implementing WhatsApp Business to your marketing strategy. We’re off!


  • WhatsApp Broadcast/Group Messages
  • WhatsApp Auto-responder
  • WhatsApp Analytics
  • WhatsApp Social Status Update
  • Export Contacts from WhatsApp


#1 WhatsApp Broadcast/Group Messages

Create groups where you can keep your customers informed. These diffusions will be general so it is perfect for current clients. We should segment your customers by the type of product they buy from us so as not to saturate them with notifications. The limit of contacts per group is 256. By sharing the link to your group on Instagram or Twitter, you can also invite people interested in your products. To create the link and share it, go to the options within the group.
You can also create WhatsApp Broadcast lists to send messages in bulk. This is totally different to groups, as this will allow you to customize each conversation. It is an ideal tool for negotiating directly with potential customers, suppliers and distributors.

To see how to create WhatsApp broadcasts or groups, click here.

#2 WhatsApp Auto-responder

With WhatsApp Business you can create automated responses from company settings, like a bot, where you can respond to your customers without having to do it yourself. You can create several customised messages:

Welcome message. This message will be sent when a person writes to you for the first time.
Absence message. This message will be sent when a person writes to you during offline hours.
Quick answers. They are messages that can be set to write predesigned responses. For example, when we want to say goodbye we could write in a “goodbye” sentence that is automatically entered when we click on it “Thank you for always trusting us. We are at your disposal for any further questions”.

Chat with your customers with this Autoresponder app for WhatsApp.

#3 WhatsApp Analytics

This version of WhatsApp Business brings us a section of statistical reports, quite simple for now, but it is intuited that in the upcoming dates we provide conversion data, clicks, views, and so on. (as in the Instagram and Facebook apps).

As we already know before having access to these individualised statistics for each WhatsApp Business account, the WhatsApp user accesses this application more between 7pm and 10pm, that is, in the last hours of the day and before going to bed (it can vary depending on the day and the country).

Segment your target and create customer lists with this app.

#4 WhatsApp Social Status Update

This latest feature of WhatsApp is being increasingly used. It consists of sharing images to your contacts that will be published only for 24 hours. The best idea is to share the most important moments of the business. For example:

  • the promotion you’re doing or the event you’re promoting,
  • show the events you attend
  • even a simple: “Our business wishes you a good day” can serve to remind your contacts that you still exist.

With this app you will be able to customize and redesign your updated status.

#5 Export Contacts from WhatsApp

You may also want to export contacts from WhatsApp into excel files and add them to your list of customers for SMS or email marketing. If you have customer lists, it will be easy for you to detect which customers are likely to be interested in product promotions. Export your contact list to segment your target well, organize your contacts depending on each type of person, their interest, connection hours and / or leisure hours.

Use this app to export your WhatsApp contacts into excel files.