A payment gateway is a service with which payments are authorized in electronic businesses (e-commerce). In the absence of a Virtual TPV, a Payment Gateway is required if you want to charge for a product or service sold in an online store.

The best-known payment gateway in the world is PayPal, although more and more people are not entirely happy with its operation. That’s why offering alternatives to customers is a great way to increase the chances of generating a conversion. Choosing the wrong payment gateways can lead to a loss of sales, as not all of them may be tailored to customer’s needs in terms of currencies accepted, security, or affordable commissions.

Below, we recommend 5 payment gateways for your e-commerce.

1. Stripe

As with PayPal, at Stripe, you can pay with your credit card. You gain your competitive advantage because it offers lower commissions than the other Payment Gateway and the payment process is faster.

It adapts to any size of the company and works very well through the mobile phone.

2. truust

The truust API is ideal to incorporate into a Marketplace where you pay through the platform. It works through an escrow contract. This is the safest form of payment that exists since the money is transferred in the first instance to an external account, not to the seller. The seller will receive the amount when the customer has received his product.

It’s a great way to assure the customer that it’s a trustworthy online business.

3. Dwolla

One of the most recent alternatives to PayPal is Dwolla. This is a very interesting option, as funds can be transferred by e-mail, telephone, or social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

In addition, it has the benefit that it does not charge commissions for payments of less than 10 dollars.

4. Google Wallet

The payment gateway that Google has created is still far from the success it is expected to have, although it already offers interesting options.

In addition to its ease of paying with a mobile phone, it has developed a physical card (the Google Wallet Card) that is connected to the account of its users, so that they can pay and receive money through it.

5. Authorize.Net

It is one of the oldest payment gateways in the world, dating back to 1996. They accept different payment methods (including major credit and debit cards, as well as gift cards) and through multiple channels (online, retail, mail, or mobile phone).

To choose the payment gateways that you want to incorporate into your online business, think about which one(s) best suit your needs and possibilities, both economic and security, and usability.

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