When you create your Marketplace, you must be clear about what the first impression you want to give and what values you want to be derived from it. And not only the values of feeling, but also the value of using your platform, that is to say, the benefits. Remember to do it for two audiences: buyers and sellers. Otherwise, you’ll never get them to identify with your platform or use it.

In this article, we are going to guide you so that you can communicate the value of your Marketplace and we will give you the example of Blablacar so that you can see it clearly.

Why communicate the value of your Marketplace?

Before explaining how we will clarify the ideas with the why.

First, users need to feel comfortable navigating a page. It should be nice for them to speak the same language (not language, but ideas). Before buying or selling they will go around the platform several times. If they are comfortable, they like it and see it useful, you have won.

Secondly, remember that there is no better marketing than word of mouth. A good experience can become a recommendation. And this recommendation can come with only knowing how to transmit what your Marketplace is used for.

In fact, in addition to the values, explaining the benefits of using your page for buyers and suppliers has to be a fundamental point in your strategy. It may be necessary to detail them one by one so that your target audience can identify them all. This is how the need to make use of your Marketplace will arise.

The case of Blablacar

Okay, you may be clear at this point that communicating who you are and what benefits you bring to your users is critical. But practice is always a great way to learn. That’s why we’re going to analyze the case of Blablacar.

Blablacar and its values

As explained above, Blablacar is a Marketplace success story. And in large part, it is thanks to having been able to transmit its values and benefits correctly. It’s a kind of platform that goes beyond buying and selling products, so I had a very delicate challenge ahead of me: knowing how to transmit confidence to its users so that they could get into a car with strangers.

To achieve this, they wrapped the platform in a cheerful design that conveys everyday life. In other words, they communicate that travelling with someone you don’t know is normal and fun. In addition to words, they use profiles with opinions to attest to this.

On the other hand, they have also been able to explain that sharing a car saves money, as in the photo below, or that it collaborates with the environment.

Blablacar Commissions

Not only to communicate the idea of your Marketplace is important, but it is fundamental to know how to transmit that your Marketplace is the best place where to carry out the purchase or the sale since surely there will exist alternatives that carry out the same service.

What could have been a crisis, such as charging a commission after years of being free, became an opportunity? They knew how to transmit that with that money you pay insurance that has advantages, such as that a taxi takes you home if the car you’re in leaves you lying around. It is clear that this commission also pays for Blablacar’s services, but if they are useful and we want to continue using them, why should we feel bad?

In addition, they chose the escrow method as a form of payment and collection, a success, as the companion knows that the driver will not leave him standing and, if he does, it will not be taking the money. Thinking of the other extreme, the driver also knows that the escort has already deposited the money in an alien’s account and that, when the journey is over, he will receive it.

Blablacar has managed to become the reference for car sharing thanks to its philosophy and its value as a Marketplace. You can also get it on your platform. If like them, you want to have a payment method that you can communicate as the most reliable in the world, we recommend that you contact Marketpay. We will inform you about how to install it.

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