There is nothing worse than having a Marketplace idea in your mind, knowing that it would work and not carry it out because you think the digital world is very complex. This reflection is far from reality, especially thanks to platforms such as WordPress, which give everyone the power to create a website and turn it into a Marketplace.

If, in addition to your business idea, you have a clear idea of how you are going to earn money with your Marketplace, now is the time to get down to work. Roll up your sleeves because here’s how to create a Marketplace in WordPress, step by step.

Plugins to create a Marketplace in WordPress

To create a Marketplace in WordPress you must install a plugin. Colloquially said, it is an add-on or extension that adds a new feature or functionality. There are 30,000 different plugins in WordPress, but not all of them can be used to create a Marketplace.
There are two plugins that the experts agree on recommending that we break down below.

WC Vendors

One is WC Vendors, an extra of the WooCommerce plugin, the most used to create online shops. Thanks to its free installation you will be able to sell physical, virtual or downloadable products and charge the commission you want, as well as send the money to the seller automatically. In addition, it allows you to control in a very easy way the accumulated amount that you have achieved and discuss the orders with the buyer.

Easy Digital Downloads

The other is Easy Digital Downloads. It has a free standard version to which you can add extras. It is important to determine which one you need, as you will have to pay for each one you want to implement. These add-ons are:

  • Commissions: Allows you to automatically distribute sales commissions between the seller and the owner of the Marketplace.
  • Wish Lists: Allows the customer to save products in his wish list and share them.
  • Front-end Submissions: Allows you to create a zone of sellers so that they can modify their profiles and their products.
  • Reviews: Opens the possibility for customers and sellers to give their opinion on the items for sale.
  • Points and Rewards: Allows you to offer points for each purchase, so that they can then be rewarded with rules, offers or discounts.
  • Social Login: Allows customers to identify with their social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter …
  • Recommend Products: Allows you to display related products to encourage cross-shopping.
  • Acquisition Survey: Allows you to collect information during the purchase about how customers found your Marketplace.

Interesting themes to create your Marketplace

If we have previously commented that there are many plugins, we also find an immense number of themes to choose from. You could say that for tastes, WordPress themes, so it’s hard to recommend one.

However, we look again at the opinion of the experts and see that one of the most recommended is Marketfy for its modern and complete design. For a Marketplace that deals with digital goods, such as videos, photos, songs or eBooks, we also have Checkout, specialized in this market thanks to its template and pre-designed pages.

truust to pay in your WordPress Marketplace

Once you have chosen and installed your favourite plugin and theme, make sure you choose the payment methods that your customers will have at their disposal. It is important to choose more than one and that they are completely safe.

truust is the API that prevents any kind of fraud thanks to its operation. It is based on the escrow method, which is that the customer pays to an external account rather than directly to the seller. The money will not be transferred to the seller’s account until the buyer receives your product or service correctly. In this way, and admitting returns, it is impossible for fraud to occur, both on the part of the supplier and the customer.

Find your business motivation!

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