Achieving productivity that generates as much money as possible has always been the goal of every business. Today, the Marketplace plays an important role in this process for both individuals and companies: it eliminates intermediaries, centralizes work and goods, fights against fraud and can deal with payments or any other aspect of transactions.

There are many things in your day-to-day life that make you unproductive. The queues of waiting, the distractions with the mobile, the displacements… Well, in the businesses the same thing happens. Having to advertise, attract customers or manage sales and shipments can cost valuable time that reduces productivity.

Next, we are going to see better those benefits that give the Marketplace in sales. Before going on, we invite you to click here if you still don’t have a clear idea of what a Marketplace is.

Business without intermediaries

In some kind of Marketplace, the big plus point offered to buyers and sellers is the lack of intermediaries. For example, in Milanuncios, Wallapop or Vibbo the only thing that the Marketplace does is to put the platform. In this way, you save time and money by not having to wait for everything to pass through the filter of a third party or pay them for it.

Even so, sometimes having intermediaries is helpful and can be very helpful. For example, Rakuten or Amazon intervene in the sale and purchase to manage the payment and shipping, something that speeds up the whole process, especially since they are operations that are done many miles away.

A giant loudspeaker

Advertising is often non-negotiable. Especially to make yourself known in the beginning.

One of the best ways to gain visibility is to sell in one or more Marketplaces. Surely not the best way to do branding, but you will see how sales increase. And there are some platforms that bring together thousands (even millions) of users every day, some of whom surely have some interest in your products.

Secure payment in a Marketplace

An intangible that perhaps is not always considered as much as it should be is the security in all the transactions that are carried out. Falling into some kind of fraud or swindle leads to a loss of productivity, as all previous work is lost.

The most delicate moment is that of paying. That’s why Marketplaces that offer a secure platform are more successful. Of all the payment methods that exist, escrow is the safest. It consists of the buyer’s money being deposited into an alien account until the seller has fulfilled his part of the deal. This avoids scams such as the seller charging in advance and not sending anything, something that many users fear.

If you found the idea of creating a Marketplace and providing it with escrow as a secure payment method interesting, contact us. We will inform you about everything.



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