The main purpose of a Marketplace is to favor transactions between users who want to provide a service or product and those who want to get it. To achieve this, it is essential that they feel part of a community, a strategy followed by Airbnb, Blablacar, or Wallapop.

Why turn your Marketplace into a community?

A community is a place where people come together who share a set of values, norms, or identities. The general idea of creating a community is very nice, but how does it affect your business?

  • Users buy more. When you get a person to buy or sell on your Marketplace, you should encourage them to stay there. Creating a platform in which it is comfortable and fun to enter from time to time is the best solution to get loyalty to users and, after all, continue buying and selling.
  • More trust is created. As we explained in our article on how to get them to trust your Marketplace, if users don’t trust each other or the platform, they won’t make any transactions. Feeling part of a community is the best solution.
  • It helps the Marketplace grow. Word of mouth is a key advertising medium in this type of business. Making the community experience enriching will make them recommend it to their friends.
  • Improve the Marketplace. By observing the relationships between users and with the platform itself you can get ideas about what is missing from your website. Enable channels to achieve this communication.

How to build a community in your Marketplace?

Once you have seen the benefits of creating a community on your Marketplace, there is little doubt that it is a good idea. Here are some tips to make it happen:

  • Define your mission. It’s one of the first things to do when you’re starting a Marketplace. It will help create the identity of your future community. It may also help you to think “what you want to fight with your Marketplace”. For example, Airbnb is against cold hotel experiences.
  • Focus on what communities already exist. Wallapop uses its collections and magazines to create a union among users who sell similar products. For example, you can unite the runner community by grouping together those who sell a pulse-measuring watch and those who sell running shoes.
  • It allows users to interact with each other and with the Marketplace. Whether with forums, comments on profiles, chats, Twitter hashtags, Facebook or Telegram groups, etc. At first, perhaps a good idea to encourage this participation through contests and publishing yourself the first posts.
  • Promote your users’ stories. For example, Blablacar has a section in which it makes known some of the travelers in its community. This helps to promote the usefulness of the Marketplace and to get an idea of who uses it.
  • It rewards the best users. Those who buy and sell more should feel loved. Offer them discounts, gifts, and offers.
  • Moderate the Marketplace. The rules are there to meet them and to create a healthy community. If someone goes too far, it’s important to act.
  • Create events and get out on the street. Interacting directly with individuals is a great way to make yourself known. And even more so if you do it through events instead of distributing advertising. You can invite all your users and take the opportunity to reward the best in a special way.

As you can see, creating a community in your Marketplace can be both fun and beneficial, even though it involves work. Remember that to achieve this it is very important to show reliability, especially with payment methods. With Marketpay you can be sure that none of your users will be swindled thanks to the escrow method. This means that when the buyer pays, the money ends up in a third-party account and is not transferred to the seller’s account until the product has reached its destination or the service has been completed.

If you are interested in knowing more details about this form of payment and incorporate it into your Marketplace, contact us without obligation

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