Are you in that moment in which you have created a Marketplace, but you need to make yourself known? There are many ways to promote a business, some more expensive than others, but there is no doubt that one of the best is opening a business blog.

Below we explain the benefits of writing blog articles in your Marketplace, although first, you must consider that you will need time to keep it active. As with social networks, there’s nothing worse than leaving it alone.

Win visitors to your website…

Each article you write on the blog represents a new opportunity to attract new visitors. It would be something like launching a new net at sea to fish. Without the blog, you would only have the rod of the website, which is always in the same area waiting for fish.

Your mission will be to create interesting content to attract those visitors. For example, if you have a Marketplace specialized in surfing, your blog could talk about the best coasts to practice that sport, how to start surfing, rankings on the best boards, etc…

… and turn them into users of your Marketplace

Equally or more importantly, the next step is to get those readers interested in your Marketplace. To do this it is necessary to be subtle and to explain in some way (in the same text, through CTAs…) what your website is about and what it can contribute to them.

That’s where the greatest benefit of having a company blog comes from, which is none other than getting customers.

Create a brand

Everything you do serves to generate an image of you and your company. In order to have it under control, it is essential to follow a planned strategy and look for objectives.

The blog is a great tool to get the image of your brand and be perceived as you want. Do you want to be next and fun because your Marketplace is about comics or better show that you are serious and professional because you focus on financial services and legality?

Be reliable

Whatever your brand image is, it is essential that it demonstrates reliability. The best way to achieve this is to have several payment methods and, among them, we recommend that you include the escrow, considered the safest in the world. If you want to know more about how to implement it in your Marketplace, just write to us and we will be delighted to answer you.

Generate content for social networks

Sharing blog posts on social networks will allow you to reach more people while keeping your community active and informed. Remember that it is very important to give feedback and answer all the comments they make to you.

Having a community helps to create more confidence, something that has a direct impact on buying intentions. Making it interesting to enter your platform constantly helps to build user loyalty and having a company blog is the best way to achieve this.