To promote a business, whatever it is, it is necessary to carry out a series of actions. Without an advertising and marketing strategy, it is impossible to make yourself known today. But don’t panic, because you don’t always need to invest a lot of money or appear on TV after the New Year’s Eve bells to let people know you exist. If you have a business, specifically, a Marketplace and you want to advertise it, read carefully our ideas so that you get it at a really low price.

If you are still thinking about creating one, we encourage you to review our articles on how much it costs to create a Marketplace and what business models you can implement.

Social Networking

This is the most fashionable option in recent times, as it is very economical. However, you should avoid falling into the most typical mistakes, such as creating accounts and then having them outdated. It gives a feeling of sloppiness that can go against you. That’s why it’s important to have time or refer the task to a Community Manager.

It is not necessary to be in all the social networks that exist. You must assess who you want to reach and in what way. Perhaps if you have a Marketplace about skaters you are interested in being in a young social network like Snapchat, but it won’t be necessary if your audience is mothers who want to buy clothes for their children.


The website of your business, in this case, a Marketplace, should have a section dedicated to a blog. Google rewards websites that constantly create content and ranks them higher in the search engine. In addition, you can get people who don’t know you to find you thanks to your posts.

As with social networks, it is necessary to have time to write, plan articles, and SEO knowledge. It may be advisable to hire someone with experience in that.

Traditional techniques

There are some traditional ways to promote a business that is effective, such as business cards, posters, or bookmarks with information about your company. In this case, the initial investment is greater than creating a blog or signing up for social networks, since you have to pay to create the material.

Fairs and conferences

Trade fairs are usually a great way to get to know each other. Normally you have to pay to attend them but make sure that all attendees will pass in front of your stand and, at a minimum, read the name of your Marketplace. Keep in mind that the people who attend the fair are really interested in what they will find there.

Conferences also serve to advertise you. There are many entities (libraries, schools, courses, local associations, etc.) that often need speakers for their talks or events. If you find a space to talk about a particular topic and present your business, you can promote it to all attendees.

If you have enough time and money, you can also choose to organize your own fairs or conferences.

Collaborate with other blogs

In the digital world, going to give a lecture for an association translates into writing on someone else’s blog. You can offer to do your bit on those pages that interest you. Even if you only talk about a topic related to your business, don’t forget to mention it and create a link to your Marketplace.

Press Releases

You can appear in newspapers, radios, and televisions without having to pay. If you manage to make a press release that is interesting to turn into the news, your name will appear as the source. Following the example of the Marketplace of skaters, if, thanks to observing the results of your platform, you see that more and more women are buying, the media may be interested in publishing that, according to your business, the skater world is becoming more and more feminine.

In the beginning, you can also choose to make a press release about the creation of your Marketplace but you will have to give it the interest to be published.

Find your business motivation!

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